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Yoga for the New Millennium: Dharana Reflections Off the Mat, Poems and Images is a loving gift from the author to you. This book stands alone as a beautifully crafted balance of poetry and words of wisdom woven together by author 
Deborah Williams as she shares her intimate journey. In this compelling and important book, you will learn about: 
• Concepts of self-discipline
• Loving others through the eyes of compassion
• Daring to dream for a new and better life
• Observations of nature result in a more centered life

Yoga for the New Millennium Book
Yoga for Stress Reduction A yoga and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) practice.
Yoga for Stress Reduction A yoga and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) practice.
90 min Class to help you reduce stress, improve your ability to relax, increase your sense of inner peace. $30/person
Yoga for Golf
1 hour Start yoga for golf today! We can help you and your game. Yoga 4 Golf Information •feel more comfortable with your balance. •build strength and flexibility •improve physically and mentally See our Yoga 4 Golf page for details
Yoga for Golf
Yoga for the New Millennium Dharana Reflections off the Mat by Dee Williams
Yoga for the New Millennium Dharana Reflections off the Mat by Dee Williams
$10 Makes a great gift! Dee's latest book is a great gift for anyone interested in learning about one woman's deeply personal journey into the art of yoga. You will be inspired by this amazing compilation of wise expressions, reflections, images and poems.
Wellness Presentations and Workshops
90 minutes. In this session, you will learn about the link between your health and your wealth that affects people of all ages. And discuss the proactive steps you can take to maintain a balanced mind/body wellness program. Learn the benefits of deep breathing exercises (that can be do anytime) accompanied by gentle yoga movement. She will discuss the importance of movement, nourishment and mental attitude towards attaining your optimal well being. Discover some of the financial benefits for having a healthier lifestyle. Schedule a session for your group, school or organization Call to schedule 206-722-2665
Wellness Presentations  and Workshops
Community Meditation Classes
Community Meditation Classes
A time and place to stop, reflect, and use your intuitive wisdom to connect with your mind and body. Sunday 4-5PM
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Kanjin Yoga Mobile App
*Our Gentle Yoga Classes are great for beginners,
returning and experienced students.
*Gentle Yoga Classes
Allow your mind and body to connect
and become more balanced as you use
your intuition to invite a sense of renewal.
This is a good class if you are new to yoga or experienced.
"the one place for whole body fitness!"
Flexible Times and Locations -
call 206-722-2665 to schedule a class for your group, school or organization
Please consult your medical professional before beginning any physical fitness program.
Treat yourself, a friend or loved one to the gift of gentle yoga.
More about Gentle Yoga...
Our yoga classes are for anyone who has an interest in a sustained yoga practice over time. You can start from where you are. No prior yoga experience necessary. This is where the benefits of yoga really begin to add up.
We start class with deep breathing (pranayama). Then we add the gentle yoga movements using a beginner and intermediate series of postures (asanas) that flow well together, including Sun Salutations or meditation techniques. All along the way you are encouraged to follow your bliss and find your inner place of peace.
We ask you to enjoy your personal experience with yoga.
At the end of the class there is a period of silent or guided meditation. Remember,
you are not in a competition in our yoga classes. You are here to explore the depths of your own practice, in a very friendly welcoming environment.
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